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TBOS- The Etoranje Twins by soltree TBOS- The Etoranje Twins by soltree
Ah, finally somewhat done!~ These lovely girls are for the :icontbos-oct: tryouts which I think everyone should try to join!

They were drawn up by the lovely :iconikidori: who has many more stylish characters up in her gallery. (GO THERE NOW) And I did the background effects. Ahem, we teamed up for this one so yeah. Let's get to introducing these two

The Etoranje Twins

Chosen By: Mudd
Gift: Yuria's sword (nicknamed Accident) is given the Function of Protect. Which allow her to make barriers and strike foes as long as she does it to protect someone.

Name: Yuria Etoranje
Gender: Female
Age: 23

Eye Color: Bluish Green Teal
Hair: Orange hair cut short in a messy fashion though you can see strands of blond (her natural hair color) if you look hard enough.
Tends to wear a lot of boyish clothing. "The more comfy the better!" Loves to show off her belly button and strangely enough Elisa's too.

Personality-The tomboyish sister that tends to take charge in the pair. Wandering around in the outside world has
given her quite a gambling itch along with a strange taste in food after years of eating the same "ideal food"
she tends to make weird combos of food together just to see what flavors that makes.
Much to Elisa's dismay, Yuri loves making new friends and tends to get chummy with strange and dangerous people.

Abilities/Skills: To protect her sister she learned from various people to fight from them while they traveled with learning
various hand to hand styles she learned from various people, learn how to use a gun (carries a pistol given as a gift from a friend),
and has a sword that she hand crafted (badly) called Accident which is the only sword she ever uses.
(which doesn't help her swordplay though she's not too good at it in the first place ^^; )

Name:Elisa Etoranje
Gender: Female
Age: 23

Eye Color: Purple (real eye color: Bluish Green Teal wears contacts)
Hair: Long wavy black hair with slight strands of blond.
Elisa's very fashion conscious and takes pride in dressing with grace and style.
Has a great love of scarfs and always wearing a ribbon in her hair. Wears an earring
in her left ear that doubles as a mini tazer.

Personality: The somewhat more gentle but very snobbish sister and very two faced to all except her beloved sister.
After wandering the world with Yuria, she learned right away about how easily men could be distracted by
her beauty, which changed her personality a bit towards using men during emergencies. Though if the right
guy comes along she reverts into her timid flustered personality. She's gained practicability and straightens out
Yuria when she's doing something that is unfavorable to their survival (wasting money, giving away food
trying to talk to shady people.) Due to Yuria's bad choice in gaining allies she's not very trusting when
Yuri brings someone to assist them.

Abilities: Thanks to Yuria's "friends" and Elisa's various men, Elisa learned various
skills to protect herself and Isa. Such as the abilities of thieves, very good with technology (Yuri just try's to whack stuff till it works...),
and various other skills. Though she is very bad at combat, she carries around a tazer hidden as an earring (given as a gift)
and a gold machete enscribed with words "the Curpier" (stolen from a mob boss after using him for money has just in case she has to sell it for money)
Combat-wise she's no good and prefers that someone else (not her sister) fights for her.


Raised in the flooded kingdom of Aredachi which separated themselves from the world, these two twin 23 year olds were raised believed to be
split incarnations of the Goddess Etoranje after finding them in a stray white boat after the great Polyom Flood.
The Aredachi believe in the goddess Etoranje who apparently created the world from her thoughts. But to the people
of Aredachi, the flood wiped their goddess of her memories and split her mind. Followers of the Etoranje
believe that by worshiping her she'll regain her memories and recreate the world as the utopia that it once was.
The Aredachi's great religious belief comes from the fact that most of the people in the kingdom were saved by the various
tall and sturdy religious buildings for their goddess Etoranje. Etoranje herself is characterized as having shining
blond hair with bluish green teal eyes in contrast to the Aredachi's gray hair and black eyes. Since the twins
were believed to be incarnations of the goddess they were worshiped as idols instead of being treated as people and
told various holy stories of how the world should ideally be from Etoranje's memories. They didn't
even get names until around their 16th birthday in which they happened to find books that inspired them to
see the outside world. A year later the pair, ran away from their kingdom to see the world, avoiding Aredachi
priests, getting in misadventures, and living life!

I hope we make the cut!
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DarthVengeance0325 Featured By Owner May 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
The crafty twins sound fun. A sword named "Accident" when it does deliberate protection spells? Clearly there's a story behind this.

However, like many comment refs thus far, the spacing is a bit odd, my friend. :hug: Might be easier to read if streamed.

And good luck.
soltree Featured By Owner May 9, 2011   General Artist
Oh and please tell :iconikidori:that you like the submission so far too. She is my teammate after all :D
soltree Featured By Owner May 9, 2011   General Artist
Hehe, function born to protect Yuria's most precious thing in the world. Yep, it's a simple tale actually. Everything violent Yuria learns is for protecting her sis.

And yeah sorry about that. Since it was just the Twin's details I didn't think to much about it. ^^; I'll edit it right quick
FJTrickster58 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011
ah crafty twins this should be fun. Good luck to you!
soltree Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2011   General Artist
Thanks! I hope me and Iki make it!
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