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12:29 PM
Oxla Port "Within the Valence"


Boats all around shook from the sound the Yuria's booming voice.

"Well, who tried to waste all our money on SLOTS AND BLACKJACK!?"

This argument has been going on all morning from the two siblings who ported in Oxla just one night ago.

"I could of gotten all our money back and then some if SOMEBODY didn't pull me away... And stuff..."

Like a guilty child Yuria quickly grew quiet and lowered her head.

"Yuria, please... Just stop talking..." Shaking her head Yuria continues to
get dressed despite the growing headache.

"Aye... You're hopeless..." Grasping her sister's hand, Elisa continues with a smirk "I forgive you Yuri... Come on now... Stop making that face and let's find a way to get some more money. K?"


And with that the twins left for the heart of Olxa.

The wandering sisters Yuria and Elisa; free as the sky and as deadly as its lighting. After stealing a group of thieves' boat home and much of their stolen cash, the twins quickly sailed north and ported at the resort town of Olxa. Quickly, wasting their funds and needing supplies, the girls are off searching for a way to make money, but may find something more...

What's in store for this vivid clover and shimmering jewel?

2:37 PM
Northwest Oxla Cafe "Careless Whisper"

Sitting outside a cafe, Elisa sits peacefully sipping tea while Yuria squirms uncomfortably in her chair.

"Ugh, there's no one hiring in this lame place... And I'm getting bored... Can't I just gamble a little bit more?" Yuria whines in irritation.

Yet Elisa sips her tea...

"Plus there's no intersting people just dull tourists. They keep asking to take pictures of me just because I have a sword" At this point Yuria's squirms become an annoyed rocking.

Yet another sip...

"Eliiiiiiisa~ Stop ignoring meeeeeeee~" ;_;

Elisa quickly whispers, "Hush... I think I found a cute tool..." and stares at the rich looking man eying her...

With thoughts of money on her mind Yuria yells, "Hehe, you go si--"

Yuria's mouth is quickly sealed by Elisa's hand. "Dear sister, you're being too loud!" under her breath she whispers... "Go and let me work my magic... We're sure to have money for a while..."

With a wink and a nod, Yuria walks out of the cafe with an a smug look on her face. After all no one could resist Elisa's charms...

Off on her own with nothing to do, Yuria wanders about town doing her favorite activity, neat people hunting. She quickly runs around town pestering people that look interesting.

"Tourist. Tourist. Fat Tourist. Boring tourist. gahhhhhhhhhhhh" ;_;

After a while Yuria finds herself in the grassy outskirts of town.

"Ah~ It's not as cluttered here..." Yuria plops down. "Still dull though..."

"Ah, this world's air tastes great.."

"Hm?" Yuria opens her eyes to see a strange suspender wearing man who had just materialized in front of her.

Jumping up Yuria cries, "Ooooh! You look neat! Whoareyouwhereareyoufromwhatswhithyourhair..."

Yuria jumped around poking the strange man barraging him with questions which
made the strange man's smile grow more and more...

4:29 PM
Northwest Oxla Theater "Wonderwall"

"Oh darling, you spoil me..." Elisa purrs to her latest wealthy prey.

"Only the best for you, Elisa. Especially since you've been through so much as a marine scientist you deserve to be spoiled! Now what movie do you want to see?" the man replied.


Elisa's smile turns into a serious grimace. It was Dorio and his flunkies, the very thieves that she had stole from. Dorio's six flunkies, huge muscled lunkheads, stand by behind their leader. Dorio himself, stood outside the circle still looking as gaudy as ever with his various gold chains and jewelry, obviously not the brawn of his group with his frail pretty boy appearance.

"Hehe, thought you could just use me and steal my stuff, bitch?"

"Hey I won't have you talking to her like th--"

Elisa's date is swiftly swatted down by a flunky.

"This another one of your tools too, Lisa?"

"Heh, tools are meant to be used. You should be happy that I used an useless one like you in the first place."

"Tch, ok then. Where's your sister? Heh, I'd like both women that scarred me to be here so I can see you both suf-- GAAAAAAAAAAH"

Elisa quickly shocks Dorio with her hidden taser earring.

"You always did talk too much. Well, then bye my lovely tool~"

Elisa quickly runs off searching for her sister.

Blades of blue grass float around Yuria as watches starry eyed.

"Cool~ So you make things do other thingys?"

"In a way yes," the man replied, "I simply just give it a function to do... Like the grass around you it's just orbiting."

Yuria stares at the strange man with a blank confused look...

"Um, don't worry about it... Hey, by the way you haven't seen a goddess anywhere around here have you?"

"Oooh, I can make it circle my finger!"

"Er... Nevermind..."


Elisa frantically rushes towards Yuria and the strange man.

"Oh, hey sis I found a neat guy who can make grass dan--"

"Yuria we've got to get out of here Dorio's found us!"

"Oh that loser? Hehe, I'll just stab em again no prob"

"You know how I feel about you fighting! You can't even sword fight right with that misshapen thing!" Elisa finally notices the floating grass around Yuria.

O_o; "How are you doing that?"

"It's that gu--"

"Well, well finally found you both... Now we can gun you both down at the same time!"

Dorio had appeared with his group now with machine guns in hand.

"Hehe, do you really think I'm just gonna let you kill me and my sis?"

Yuria had already pulled out her strange looking sword dubbed the Accident and stuck a ready pose.

"Yuria! Stop they've got guns idiot!"

"So? I'll just protect us both! There's no way we escaped being Fragments of Etoranje just to die here!"

The strange man's eyes opened wide. "Eto...ranje!?" With no hesitation, Yuria rushs towards the goons. But a strange thing happened once the thieves started shooting, Yuria's sword glowed and changed from it's silver color to a shining green! As Yuria started to swing her sword, the blade starts to shoot out a strange circular barrier that quickly surrounds the twins and the mysterious man.

"What in the hell is this!?"

"Boss! The light's eating the bullets!"

"Shut up and keep shooting!"

The mysterious man walked over to the twins...

"I thought this Etoranje woman was suppose to be a goddess and blonde..."

Elisa jumps back in surprise.

"Are you with that stupid church? We're not going back if you are!"

The man unphased by the words continues, "Ah,I get it now maybe that person is just a story in this story... Hm... No... That doesn't make sense..."

"Um, hello! Just who are you anyway?"

"Elisa, he's a nice guy don't be mean to him!" Yuria yelled as she poked at the barrier.

"Hmm, you two will just have to do..."

The strange man stared at the grass below the twins feet.

"Ok, Etoranjes to the book you go!"

The blades of grass around the twins feet started to lose shape and made a swirling like portal.

"Huh!? What's happening!?" Elisa yelled as she and Yuria were being sucked in the portal with Dorio and his goon looked on with astonished eyes.

"I'm just getting you two out of this mess! Go fix the book for me!" the man yelled.

"What are you talking abo--" Yuria's sentence was cut short as she and Elisa disappeared within the portal...

"Oh yeah... I didn't tell them about anything... Crap, Ink will have my hide for this..."

Tryout story for :icontbos-oct: I hope me and :iconikidori: make the cut!
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DarthVengeance0325 Featured By Owner May 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Huh. The textertalk and chat symbols are a bit odd in the literary fashion, but I suppose it could work. Certainly it showed their personalities a bit more in action.
soltree Featured By Owner May 9, 2011   General Artist
Oh I didn't mean to leave those in. That was left over when I was explaining it to my teammate Rin. Whoops. Well, I'm glad it help with adding to their personalities.
FJTrickster58 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011
"I didn't tell them about anything...Crap, Ink will have my hide for this..."
:rofl: I love that ending!

One little suggestion that would make reading a bit easier though, seperate dialogue into different paragraphs. It's hard to tell whoes talking otherwise. Still a fun story though. Good luck!
soltree Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2011   General Artist
Heh, I'm glad you liked the story! I really wanted to capture Mudd's in the moment personality. As for the paragraph disorder, dA kinda moved my text about a bit. I'll fix that right quick
FJTrickster58 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2011
ah I wondered if that was what happened. Hope you can fix it.
soltree Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2011   General Artist
Ah, and there we go! Is this a bit better?
FJTrickster58 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2011
yep! The paragraphs are properly seperated and the alignment looks better now too. ^^
soltree Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2011   General Artist
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